Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors act in a voluntary capacity in managing staff, resources and finances of the Legal Service. The Directors are generally residents and/or workers in the catchment area who collectively have a broad range of skills and experience. They attend Board meetings once a month, as well as attending to various issues between meetings.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that staff operate within a safe workplace, that all award conditions are met and that relevant policies, procedures and practices are in place to facilitate the provision of accessible legal services to the community.

It is the Board’s role to ensure the Service’s operations:

  • Reflect the core principles of CLCs.
  • Are legally and financially accountable.
  • Meet requirements of the funders’ Service Agreements.
  • Are planned, developed, implemented and evaluated annually through work plans.

Apart from managing the Legal Service, Board members also contribute considerable time and energy by being involved in other aspects of the Legal Service, such as the night service, Federation working groups, and the development of legal policy.

Board Directors must be a member of the St Kilda Legal Service Co-op (as should all other volunteers). They are voted onto the Board by the Members at the Annual General Meeting.