Policy & Research

The St Kilda Legal Service is consistently involved in law reform, policy and research. Some of our recent submissions and projects are listed below:


Submission to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission Committee 
Inquiry into the External Oversight of Police Corruption and Misconduct in Victoria
This submission outlines the concerns of the St Kilda Legal Service in relation to the current system surrounding complaints about police misconduct. Our experience has shown that where our clients, and particularly our most vulnerable clients, have a legitimate complaint about police misconduct, their complaints are often either unsatisfactorily dealt with, or go unmade.

Justice Project
Law Council’s Justice Project
In response to the LGBTI People Consultation Paper prepared by the Law Council of Australia, the St Kilda Legal Service prepared this submission outlining the current lack of LGBTI-specific legal services in Victoria.

The Victorian Government’s Public Housing Urban Renewal Program
In 2017, the Victorian Government announced plans to redevelop nine public housing estates. The New Street site in Brighton is one of the housing estates identified for redevelopment.

The St Kilda Legal service lodged the following submissions outlining our concerns with the Program. Firstly, that at a time of housing crisis, only a 10% increase of public housing has been proposed. Further, we are also concerned about the process of consultation, relocation and the intention of government to remove third party appeal and notice rights through proposed planning changes.

Standing Advisory Committee – New Street, Brighton Estate
On 14 November 2017, St Kilda Legal Service instructed Counsel (Robert Forrester) to appear and present submissions at the hearing of the Standing Advisory Committee.

Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry
This submission was lodged on behalf of a coalition of 7 community legal centres




2013 -2014

Victoria Law Foundation’s Community Legal Centre Research Fellowship
St Kilda Legal Service community lawyer, Jacinta Maloney was awarded the 2013 -2014 Victoria Law Foundation’s Community Legal Centre Research Fellowship. As part of the research fellowship project Jacinta investigated peer education and paralegal programs, both in Australia and overseas. Jacinta explored how these programs can empower communities. She visited organisations in South Africa, Hungary, Cambodia, and the Philippines, including organisations providing peer education and paralegal programs for sex workers in South Africa and for prisoners in the Philippines. In Australia she explored peer programs such as those of Harm Reduction Victoria, a peer-based organisation educating people who use drugs on harm reduction strategies.

You can access a copy of Jacinta’s paper here: