Legal help

St Kilda Legal Service sees many people who cannot find legal help anywhere else due to financial circumstances or other barriers. We offer a number of programs for people living in the Cities of Port Phillip, Stonnington and Bayside and residents of North Caulfield. To make a Night Service appointment call St Kilda Legal Service on 9534 0777 during opening hours.

  • Family law, including child contact, divorce and separation issues.
  • Family violence.
  • Criminal offences (minor).
  • Drug and alcohol abuse offences.
  • Sex workers rights and laws.
  • Fines.
  • Motor vehicle accidents.
  • Civil disputes about money and one-off debt.
  • Other civil matters.

The St Kilda Legal Service promotes self-help wherever appropriate; to this end we offer some one-off advice. We provide services within the context of our casework guidelines and the capacity of our clients to take their own action. This not only preserves our limited resources, but promotes independence and a greater awareness of legal processes for our clients. Self-help options include drafting letters and documents of clients to send off on their own behalf and providing printed self-help material and/or hand written instructions for pursuing a particular matter. From time to time we may refer to more appropriate agencies such as other legal providers, tribunals and complaints bodies such as Ombudsman.

We adopt a holistic view of our client’s needs and we respond accordingly. There can be a range of legal and non-legal factors that compound a person’s situation. Not all clients coming to our service have strictly legal issues and we assist wherever possible.

Night and Day service operating hours

Legal assistance at the Night Service is provided by volunteer lawyers.

The night service operates Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 7.00pm – 9.00pm.

Call 8598 6635 for an appointment during opening hours:

Opening Hours (to make an appointment)
Monday: 9:30am – 4pm, 7pm – 9pm
Tuesday: 9:30am – 4pm
Wednesday: 9:30am – 4pm, 7pm – 9pm
Thursday: 9:30am – 4pm, 7pm – 9pm
Friday: 9:30am – 4pm