The Importance of Volunteers

As noted in the History section, it was volunteer law students who established the St Kilda Legal Service, and it is volunteers who remain crucial to the cooperation and life of the Legal Service.

Without volunteers, the Legal Service simply could not provide the level of service that it currently offers.

Most of the Legal Service’s 50 or more volunteers attend on a weekly basis.

Volunteers undertake a range of tasks including:

  • the provision of legal advice and casework.
  • paralegal and administrative assistance.
  • consultation on and contributions to law reform and community legal education initiatives, and
    management responsibilities asa Board Director.

Just as important as their skills and experience is the less tangible energy and vitality volunteers bring to the organisation. They really are the “lifeblood” of the Legal Service. In addition, most of the volunteers live and/or work in our catchment area and are committed to assisting other people from their local community.